Works-in-progress include:
  • A Few Days and Full of Trouble
  • All the Difference in the World
  • Marrying Kind
  • Secondhand Breathing
  • Teens and Other Wild Life (A Musical)
  • The Clowns
  • Time To Go
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Playwright Contact Information:

Sharon Harris Warrick
Completed works include:
  • Mama Bear
  • The Soul Has Hankerings for
  • The Balding Woman
  • Cud’n Helen Ain’t Got No Color
  • Dinah & Ulysses
  • Wandering in Zion
  • Desktop
  • Drinking Cappuccino
  • Old and Very Old
  • Psychopath: On Emotion (A
    Poetic Monologue)
  • Taking Sides
  • There’s Graffiti in the Bathroom
  • When You See the Storm Comin’
  • Mrs. Ludwig Was Right
Sharon Harris Warrick
The playwright is a member of The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc.
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