Thus Spoke the Mockingbird is a full-length, one woman stage play consisting
two acts.

Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, has been a staple in
classrooms and libraries for over 40 years.  It continues to make the
top novels and most beloved fiction lists since its publication in 1960.  
The film version, too, continues to be a favorite.

Still, as widely read and viewed as this story is, little is known about
its elusive author.  Now 81 and living in her hometown of Monroeville,
Alabama,, her public appearances are limited to attending essay
contests and student performances of To Kill a Mockingbird.  She does
not, however, speak at these events nor does she grant the many
requested interview.  

After the explosion Mockingbird made, many had hoped more was to
come from this new author.  However, the years passed and she
became quiet. She is now quieter than ever.

One can only speculate as to the why - why only one novel?  Perhaps
no one speculates more than she.

This play seeks to study the little girl from a sleepy town in south
Alabama who made a big noise internationally.  Then, after that
explosion, the resonation continued while the person who fired its
canon retreated.  

In her own words, she had hoped to portray these small towns and
portray a way of life she felt was fleeting by mimicking this world as
she experienced them.  The rest she left to her audience whose
precious gift she has entrusted.  We would do well to honor that gift
and its giver.

This play hopes to do that.

This play requires a cast of one female.
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A two act stage play
written by
Joanie McElroy
Staged Reading

Directed by Scott King
Narrated by Bob Smith
Nell Harper Lee and all voices portrayed by
Tanya Carroll

A staged reading was presented by Lionheart Theatre,
October 20, 2007, as the Fall selection of Lionheart's
2008 Reading Series.
Staged Production

Directed by Scott King
Nell Harper Lee and all voices portrayed by
Joanie McElroy

A full production was presented by Lionheart Theatre,
February 13-15, 2008.
Production History
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