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Junk 2 Junk is a short, one-act contemporary stage play.

Junk 2 Junk tells the tale of a life-long friendship that's having a
hard time making it through the night. As the play opens, we are in
a bank vault where Simon and Phil are going for the gold, the
diamonds, the pearls, but not the opals...because Phil thinks they
bring bad luck.

This play requires a cast of 2 actors.

Bank vault with ventilation duct crawlspace exposed on one side.

Run Time
10 minutes
A one-act stage play
written by
Daphne Mintz
Playwright Contact Information
If you are interested in reviewing the
entire script of
Junk 2 Junk, please
contact me:

Daphne Mintz
P.O Box 1224
Norcross, Georgia 30091


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