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In Lieu of Flowers is a full-length contemporary stage play
consisting of three acts.

In Lieu of Flowers tells the dual tale of life in the foreground life
versus life in the background. As the play opens, we are in a funeral
parlor, where we soon discover that the deceased has a relationship
with a woman of whom his family knows nothing. Piqued by the
entrance of this woman at the end of his Uncle Eddie’s life, James
concludes that though Eddie is gone, his story is not yet complete. As
James and Damon, Eddie’s son, explore who the woman could
possibly be, they discover how strongly their own identities are tied to

Synopsis (spoilers within)

This play requires a cast of 4 (1 Female, 3 Male). The male roles are
intended for African American actors.

Production History
Community Theatre Production, February 2011, Lionheart Theatre,
Norcross, Georgia

Working Title Playwrights, Concert
Reading, July 14 & 15, 2008,
Actors Express Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
A three-act stage play
written by
Daphne Mintz
Playwright Contact Information
If you are interested in reviewing the
entire script of
In Lieu of Flowers, please
contact me:

Daphne Mintz
P.O Box 1224
Norcross, Georgia 30091


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