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Gay Linn Edwards



Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel



Luck of the Irish                                   Edna                                                                       dir. Stephanie Beaton/Silvermoon Prod. 2006

I Am the Queen                                    Wife                                                                       dir. David Jackson-Willis 2005

Renaissance Girl                                   Queen Elizabeth                                                   dir. David Jackson-Willis 2004



The Girls Next Door (Surely You Joust)           Queen Elizabeth                                   E! Entertainment Television 2007

Boob Tube Sketch Comedy (pilot)                    Ensemble                                               dir. Trent Ward 2007

Still Standing (Still Beauty and the Geek)        Extra                                                       CBS Productions 2006



The Secret Mysteries of America’s

Beginnings                                            Queen Elizabeth                                                   dir. Chris Pinto/Adullam Films 2 2006



Our Town                                              Mrs. Webb                                                            dir. Joanie McElroy/Lionheart Theatre 2009

Renaissance Pleasure Faire                Queen Elizabeth I                                 Renaissance Entertainment Corp 1997-07

DMV Tyrant                                         Clerk                                                                       ACW Industry Showcase 2005-6

Annie Get Your Gun                            Understudy Annie Oakley/Chorus                   dir. Jack Shouse/PCPA Theatrefest 1986

They’re Playing Our Song                  Understudy Sonia/Sonia’s Voice                      dir. Jack Shouse/PCPA Theatrefest 1986

Funny Girl                                             Mrs. Strakosh                                                       dir. George McGuire/PCPA Theatrefest Summer Rep 1985

Narnia                                                    Understudy Mrs. Beaver/ Mouse/Dryad         dir. George McGuire/PCPA Theatrefest 1985

Trial by Jury                                          Brides Maid                                                          Great American Melodrama 1984

Jekyll and Hyde                                    Mrs. Guest                                                            dir. J.R. Thompson/Great American Melodrama 1984

Jesus Christ Superstar                        Chorus/Backup Singer                                        dir. Jim Semmelman/UNLV DTA 1982

Funny Girl                                             Fanny Brice                                                           dir. Larry Peters/ BCCC Theatre 1981

Winnie the Pooh                                  Narrator/AD                                                          dir. Larry Peters/BCCC Theatre 1981

A Streetcar Named Desire                  Blanche DuBois                                                   dir. Larry Peters/BCCC Theatre 1980

Enter Laughing                                     Mama Kolowitz                                                    dir. Larry Peters/ BCCC Theatre 1980

Don’t Count your Chickens               Donkey/Flame                                                      dir. Larry Peters/BCCC Theatre 1980

Jesus Christ Superstar                        Chorus                                                                   dir. Larry Peters/BCCC Theatre 1980

A Man for All Seasons                       Margaret Moore                                                   dir. Larry Peters/ BCCC Theatre 1979



Commercial Technique (on camera)  Patty Grana Miller                                Los Angeles 2006

Audition Technique                                            Jeffrey Brooks                                      Los Angeles 2005-6

Master Class (scene study)                                               Jeffrey Brooks                                      Los Angeles 2006

Actors Workout (scene study)                         Cindy Hogan                                        Los Angeles 2006-7

Private Coaching                                                  Cindy Hogan                                        Los Angeles 2006-7

Commercial Technique                                        Kris Kyer                                               Los Angeles 2007                                               



Network Soundstage/Movie Set-Experience, Singing (Alto-Belt and Legit), Horseback Riding (Side-Saddle and Western)

Dialects and Accents (British, Cockney, Irish, French, Russian, New York, New England, Southern), Voice Mimicry, Archery, Sailing,

Roller Skating, Bicycle Riding



Afterdinner Theatre
Gay Linn Edwards