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A two-act stage play
written by
Daphne Mintz
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Desert Robes is a full-length contemporary stage play consisting of
two acts.

Desert Robes tells the tale of three monks that turn a desert spring
into a posh resort. As the play opens, we are in the monastic office of
Brother Ringo, where we soon learn that two celebrity guests will be
gracing the resort at the same time. A renowned and beautiful
celebrity is returning to the resort to indulge in the lavish Hermitage
Package, which guarantees incognito accommodations for the most
notorious of guests. Brother Ringo is delighted by the news, which
chagrins his cohorts, the ever serious Brother Benedict and ever
good-spirited Brother Bayardo, as they suspect that Ringo's past with
the lovely celebrity may be rekindled. The news of the second guest
doesn't help as we discover that his Holiness, the Pope, is accepting
an invitation from 14 years ago to "taste the sweet air that rises from
the springs." So much has changed in the 14 years since that
invitation set sail!   

Can these three monks hide over 80 guests, a lush spa, and a
celebrity from the Pope, his entourage, and the nosey media?

Synopsis (spoilers within)

This play requires a cast of 7 (2 Female, 5 Male).
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