Some material may be inappropriate for children under 17.
A two-act stage play
written by
Daphne Mintz
Cinnamon Girl is a full-length contemporary stage play consisting
of two acts.

Cinnamon Girl tells the tale of a woman caught in a love triangle by
loving a man she can’t have and loving a career she can’t control.
As the play opens, we are in the broadcast room of a small radio
station in Raleigh, North Carolina where we see Lily, moniker
Cinnamon Girl, taking calls for her week night lonely hearts show.
We soon discover that Lily gives outlandish advice, drinks on the
job, has an offer for syndication, and an intriguing fan stalking her.

Synopsis (spoilers within)

This play requires a cast of 5 (3 Female, 2 Male). One of the female
cast is an off stage voice acting a as caller to the radio show.

Production History
  • Little Colored Girl Productions, Staged Reading, October 23,
    2004, Decatur, Georgia
Playwright Contact Information
If you are interested in reviewing the
entire script of
Cinnamon Girl, please
contact me:

Daphne Mintz
P.O Box 1224
Norcross, Georgia 30091


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