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A contemporary screenplay
written by
Daphne Mintz
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If you are interested in reviewing the
entire script of
The Cinderblock Barmaid,
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Daphne Mintz
P.O Box 1224
Norcross, Georgia 30091

Thank you for your consideration!
The Cinderblock Barmaid is a full-length contemporary screen

The Cinderblock Barmaid tells the tale of Etta, an urbanite who
loses her day in court, shoots the neighbors’ dog, then hightails to
the desert with her three cats. She stops at a cinderblock bar and
asks the owner for a job where she can be surrounded by people,
but doesn’t have to talk to anyone. Thus begins the mystery of the
Cinderblock Barmaid as everyone in town has a theory to who she
is and why she’s here. When the life she abandoned finds and
challenges her new life, the town claims her as one of their own,
and strangers just best beware.

Synopsis (spoilers within)

This play requires a cast of 8 (4 Female, 4 Male, one of the male
roles is intended for a pre-teen).

Competition History
Finalist, 1997 Sundance Film Festival Screenplay Writing
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