Bonneville Love is a full-length comedic stage play
consisting of
three acts.

No matter how bad things may seem, they can
always get worse. But love conquers all - if you're
clever enough to make it look like an accident. It's
1967 and life is good for Lilly Oglesbee - until her
husband, Curtis, is diagnosed with an incurable
brain tumor. Lilly tries to make the most of their
last few months together, but her good intentions
send them on a spiraling path toward an uncertain
destiny as she attempts to save them both from
the death trap she has unwittingly thrown them

This play requires a cast of 8 (3 Female, 5 Male).

Production History
Lionheart Theatre, Staged Reading, April 12, 2008,
Norcross, Georgia
All rights reserved.
Playwright Contact Information
If you are interested in reviewing the entire script of
Bonneville Love, please contact me:

Raymond Fast

Thank you for your consideration!
A three act stage play
written by
Raymond Fast
Afterdinner Theatre